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Philips PPX2480 VGA PicoPix Projector for £179.99 – SAVE £80.00 @ Argos

Philips PPX2480 VGA PicoPix Projector for £179.99 – SAVE £80.00 @ Argos

Ever had the feeling that some films would just look better on the big screen than on DVD? Well projectors aren’t just for classrooms and offices you know.  With the PHILIPS PPX2480 VGA PicoPix Projector you can create your own in home cinema. The original price of the projector was £259.99, giving you a huge saving of £80.00.

Watch your favorite videos and films in a 854 x 480 resolution in the comfort of your own home. The Philips PPX2480 PicoPix VGA Projector is portable, offering 2 hours of portable projection before you need to recharge the battery. With an HDMI and VGA inputs, you will be able to connect your own personal devices, displaying them to your friends and family.

The  PPx2480 PicoPix Projector includes: Remote Control, Composite Audio/Video adapter, Ac Adapter, VGA cable, Mini USB Cable, Mini USB to USB Femaile Adapter, Carrying Case PLUS a 12 months manufacturers guarantee.

Product description

Portable Power

With 80 on charge and 55 on battery, the Phillips PicoPix PPX2480 Pic Projector will offer excellent display and contrast with its impressive wall color correction wherever you take it.  Offering up to 2 hours of portable projection, this video projector gives you plenty of use before you need to recharge the battery, enhancing its flexibility. Impressively, the adaptability of the PPX2480 Projector stretches futher thanks to various projector modes, with front, rear, front ceiling, rear ceiling on offer.

Store & Go 

The Philips PPX2480 Projector will make an excellent choice for any working professional, family or school, particularly with thank to its internal memory of 2GB, ideal utilizing MP4 playback.With HDMI and VGA output you can also connect other devices to the PPX2480 for added flexibility on the move.


“Amazing quality and value for money.” -Argos Reviews

There are several reviews of the Philips PicoPix PPX2480 if you would like to find out more – DigitalVersus PPX2480 Review 


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